Real Estate

Are you a buyer, seller, homeowner, landlord, or tenant?

If so, you can put your confidence in the Law Office of Meighan M. Dunn. When it comes to matters of the home, it is imperative to have a skilled attorney that will diligently protect one of your most valuable and meaningful assets. I am meticulous and unrelenting when representing and protecting a client's rights involving the transfer, finance and use of real property.

Purchasing, selling, leasing, or otherwise conveying real property?

I can assist you. The process can be exciting, but navigating through the details on your own becomes challenging and overwhelming. That is why it is important to have a knowledgeable attorney light the way.You can have faith in me. I am scrupulous in contract drafting and review, tenacious in negotiation, and persistent in obtaining resolutions for title issues and other real property issues.

Are you a homeowner experiencing a hardship that is causing financial strain?

I can help. Being faced with the possibility of losing your home is scary. I can give you informed advice of your options and represent you in disputes regarding loan modification, refinance, and foreclosure. More important, I will fervently fight for you to keep your home.

Feuding with your neighbor(s)?

Contact me, because it is important to have a skilled attorney on your side. I can counsel and represent you in cases involving boundary disputes, encroachments, nuisance, easements, zoning, covenants, and restrictions.

Involved in a dispute with your landlord or tenant?

It is very common for issues to arise between landlords and tenants, with neither party knowing his or her own rights and duties. A complex situation may require an experienced attorney. I can provide the necessary legal counsel regarding your rights and duties as a landlord or tenant on issues such as security deposit disputes, warranty of habitability issues, and quiet enjoyment. Additionally, I will ardently seek any and all remedies to which you are entitled.